Presentations will be posted here on VDI Security to help show of the strengths and weaknesses of VDI deployments and how to fix the common things in your VDI Deployment.

DerbyCon 2017

This presentation was presented on 9-23-17 at DerbyCon 7.0 on VDI.

VDI Deployments are in over 90% of all the Fortune 1000 companies and are used in almost all industry verticals, but are they secure? The goal of most VDI deployments is to centrally deliver applications and/or desktops to users internally and externally, but in many cases their basic security recommendations haven’t fully deployed, allowing an attacker to gain access. This talk will review the basic design of the top two solution providers, Citrix and VMware. We will go over these solutions strengths and weaknesses and learn how to quickly identify server roles and pivot. We will also examine all the major attack points and their defensive counters. If you or if you have a client that has a VDI Deployment you don’t want to miss this talk.


VDI Overview